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For instance, if the sun beams directly on your windows, mounting awnings on the porch alone won’t serve the purpose. That’s precisely what our partners determine during the inspection to provide value for your money.

Types of awnings

Awning fabrics have significantly advanced in the past few years. The original fabric was made of canvas. However, manufacturers have introduced different fabrics to elevate water and stain resistance.

Perhaps you’ve seen plastic, metal, and fabric awnings outside commercial buildings. They offer similar advantages, but not all can complement your property aesthetics and fit your taste.

You have to choose the most suitable outdoor space option to nail the installation project. Fortunately, our team of professionals recommends budget-friendly and appropriate options considering your needs and property’s style.


Canvas is one of the earliest fabrics of awnings. Traditionally, they were made of hemp or linen. However, the modern canvas is designed with cotton. Their sturdiness and durability make them one of a kind. Nonetheless, the material requires additional treatments to resist stains, mold, and water. For instance, manufacturers often combine cotton with other synthetic materials to make it tough. Cotton duck is another material type that features tight weaves and offers a smoother texture. You’ll easily find both options on the market even today. Note that you’ll also come across numerous patterns and designs, and choosing a striking pattern for the outdoors would likely tempt you. However, a few homeowners believe that the design and colors fade due to sun exposure and other outside elements.


Coated and laminated vinyl is another popular material used for awnings. It offers decent robustness and longevity. Besides, it is water resistant and easier to maintain. Nonetheless, it isn’t as flexible as other awning fabric types, making them prone to wear and tear. So, if you live in windy regions, you may want to opt for other materials. The vinyl fabric also offers limited patterns and color options.

Coating-based fabrics

Acrylic coating polyester is another reliable material for grill covers, awnings, and outdoor umbrellas. They are highly resistant to water and stains. Nonetheless, they lack breathability, making them prone to mold and mildew growth. Besides, the coating may fade due to sun exposure.

Solution-dyed acrylic

If you’re looking for color variety, the solution-dyed fabric can be a good option for you.. While some awning fabric types are notorious for fading over time, the solution-dyed acrylic fabric endures the test of time. Because the manufacturers dye the fabric thoroughly, it is resistant to fading. Additionally, this fabric is softer than other coated fabrics and resistant to mold, stains, and dirt. Lastly, it gives a protective covering your home needs to repel heat and external elements.

Metal awnings

If you’re looking for a sturdy awning, you may want to consider metal coverings for your Lehigh Valley property. Although metal is more expensive than other material types, it saves you money down the line.

For instance, you won’t find yourself spending money on frequent repairs and replacements.

Because once installed, metal awnings withstand inclement weather pretty well. Their strength gives them an edge over other materials, making them an ideal fit for colder regions.


Copper awnings offer an attractive and ornamental solution to your home’s exterior. They are highly resistant to extreme temperatures and corrosion. Besides, they do not degrade even after consistent UV ray exposure.


This strong, UV-resistant, recyclable material makes it an ideal choice for most homeowners. They repel the blazing summer heat, lowering your home’s internal temperature.

Besides, aluminum is extremely low-maintenance, and an occasional cleaning retains its aesthetics.

Quick facts about awning installation

Awning installation adds to your comfort, convenience, and lifestyle. Therefore, it remains one of the essential home improvements, requiring expert guidance and skill to achieve the desired outcome.

If you’re considering one for your home, you’d be intrigued to check out some exciting facts about awning installation.

  • The concept of awnings originates from the ancient civilization where people shaded their stalls and homes with woven mats.
  • The history of awnings can be traced back to the 1890s, when Americans started installing them in their Victorian homes. Later, retractable awnings gained traction in the first half of the 19th century.
  • Awning installation provides endless ways to boost your outdoor living space and comfort indoors. It protects your property from exposure to rain, dust, debris, and direct sunlight.
  • You can also use awnings to create a sheltered outdoor playing area for your children.
  • The contractors of awning installation are responsible for defects and damages after installation. Simply put, they provide rectification services, keeping your home safe and comfortable.

The Valley Awning Service of Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania desires to provide your home with an elegant finish while catering to your needs with the most top notch possible standards. Regardless of their type, awnings perform optimally to resist heat and rain.

However, a few awning types further your home’s functionality due to their advanced technology and greater convenience.

Our network of awning experts has installed numerous awning types and are familiar with the unique procedures that go into each. Therefore, you can count on us if you’re considering retractable awnings.

What to consider for your Lehigh Valley awning installation

The story doesn’t end after you pick the retractable type for your home outdoors. You must consider several factors when choosing the retractable awning. The right choice significantly depends on your budget, and the size, fabric type, and retraction technique drive the cost.

Manual vs. motorized

Do you want to operate your awnings from the comfort of your outdoor seating space? If yes, a motorized awning is a suitable option for you. It comes with a remote control offering a hassle-free operation while on the go. If you do not mind extending and retracting the awnings, you can go with a manual option. It allows you to close and pull up the awnings using a pulley system or crank. Given its convenience, anyone would be naturally tempted to go with the former option, but motorized awnings are costlier than manual ones. So, if you’re tight on the budget, you may want to choose the manual ones.

The fabric type

Polyester remains one of the widely used fabrics for awnings. However, if your budget allows, you can go for a high-end material like solution-dyed acrylic. Both feature a special coating to resist UV rays, water, and mold. A few awnings also include PVC, offering protection against sun and rain. So long as you go for a reliable material, it’ll last longer while providing a decent shade to your doors, windows, and deck.


Retractable awnings are available in numerous sizes, prints, and patterns. The smallest size is typically mounted above doors and windows. These home structures look more elegant after awning installation and keep indoors from direct sunlight. On the flip side, retractable patio awnings are around 5-20 feet wide. An expert company measures your deck’s size and recommends the awning size accordingly.


Awning frames are typically made from steel, aluminum, or a combination. The frames are the lateral arms attached to the front and mounting bar. They allow you to retract and extend the awning per your preferences. A few awnings also enable you to tweak their pitch – a feature helpful during early mornings and afternoons. If you’re low on budget, use free-standing awnings with vertical rods.

Retractable awning benefits

Although retractable awnings are slightly costlier than non-retractable types, their advantages outweigh the drawbacks. Here’s how they upgrade your lifestyle and boost functionality.


Drop-down retractable awnings protect properties against heavy winds. Therefore, most commercial building owners install them around their buildings to protect the exterior features.

They are generally made from PVC or premium quality acrylic material. Besides, they give added protection by allowing you to enclose your outdoor space when desired. So, you retain an outdoor feel while enjoying maximum security and privacy.


You’re not bound to consider a single option when choosing a retractable awning. Instead, you have the choice to select from manual and motorized operations. If you’re into modern tech features, you may want to consider a motorized retractable awning.

However, the manual operation doesn’t compromise on operation either. The only difference is that it requires you to use it manually. But it cuts on expenses, which is a plus.


Motorized awnings take convenience to the next level with added functionality. You can control them with a remote or through an app on your smartphone.

So, you do not even have to leave your room to retract the awnings. Instead, open the app, choose the option, and let the technology do its job.

Light integration

Retractable awnings also feature light integration, boosting your outdoor aesthetics and adding to the ambiance.

If you typically host BBQ dinners on your deck, awning lights will offer a classy look to your space while lighting up the deck and improving practicality.

Things to consider before awning installation

Awnings are a perfect addition to your property. However, you must consider a few things to make the most of this home improvement.

Match it with your environment!

The right awning isn’t the one that boosts your Lehigh Valley home’s aesthetics. Instead, awnings that last longer and stand the test of time are the right fit for your home. Make sure you pick a fabric material and design that battles humidity, snow, heat, and heavy rain. Every homeowner knows the climatic conditions of their area. You must consider yours before installing an awning.

Do your homework about local codes

Your local government or HOA may have specific guidelines regarding exterior structures like awnings. Oftentimes, they regulate the size and height and sometimes the color. But, again, the regulations vary depending on location. Do your research to discover your local codes and choose a solution accordingly.

Choose a professional

Awning installation is not a DIY project. Nothing can beat the professional services and advice regarding the awnings. Therefore, it’s better on the whole to leave this job to experts and let them handle the project for the better. They comply with local regulations and consider the environmental conditions before installing awnings outside your property.

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Most homeowners think about door and patio awnings when considering awning installation. However, awning windows offer a minimalistic, practical, and straightforward way to beautify your home and improve its worth.

Research reveals that window replacements can give you around 71% return on investment.

So, if you plan to sell your property anytime soon, you may want to consider awning window installation. However, those who do not intend to sell their homes can also benefit from its utility.

What is an awning window?

Awning windows function similarly to casement windows because they open outside from the bottom. They also feature hinges at the top, and their width is more than their height.

When you open an awning window, they form a shade or awning over the window’s surface. This feature gives them their name – awning windows.

How do they work?

You can open an awning window using a crank. This makes them easier to handle and requires less effort than sliding windows.

You’d need to unlock the locks on both sides to open the window. How much you want to open the window is under your control. For instance, you can open it only slightly or raise it fully.

A few awning windows extend to 90 degrees. You can adjust yours per your preferences.

Where to install awning windows?

You do not necessarily need to install the awning windows closer to your entrance door. Instead, they serve as windows for numerous rooms around your property.


Do you want to listen to the falling rain or enjoy the windy weather while being inside your bedroom? Many homeowners wish to have a window in their room to catch a glimpse of the natural outside environment. However, the thought of burglars breaking in holds them back. Fortunately, awning windows eliminate the trouble. Their length and size aren’t enough for a criminal to enter your property. This lets you enjoy the outside atmosphere while keeping your home and family secure.


Your bathroom needs proper ventilation to remain dry and reduce excessive humidity. Awning windows offer a reliable way to have windows in your bathroom to improve without compromising privacy. You can install them high above the bathroom walls. Opt for opaque or frosted glass if you seek to take privacy a step further.


If you desire to circulate your kitchen air as you cook, awning windows can be the right option. They allow for ventilation and reduce the kitchen heat during summers.

Advantages of awning windows for your Lehigh Valley home

Apart from their striking appearance, awning windows also offer some practical benefits – any homeowner would value.

Ventilation and light

Thanks to the perfect sizing and placement, awning windows offer your home the ventilation it needs to keep the indoor air fresh. For instance, you do not need to close your awning windows during the rain. This lets cool air inside your home.

Standard window types also let the rain inside, which isn’t ideal for your home building and possessions.

Energy efficiency

There are endless ways to make your home more energy-efficient, and awning offers a solution.

You can keep your windows open during pleasant weather to let the air inside. Then, when your home maintains an ideal temperature, you won’t feel the need to turn on the air conditioning, reducing your energy costs.

Likewise, you can open the windows during winters to expose your home’s interior to sunlight and minimize central heating usage.


Awning windows offer a functional way to upgrade your home without burning a hole in your pocket. Standard window types are often expensive and compromise practicality. For instance, sliding windows let the rain inside.

On the other hand, awning windows are cost-effective and keep the weather from taking a toll on your property.

Uninterrupted view

Shutting windows during the rain or snow keeps you from seeing the scenic views outside. However, awning windows provide an unobstructed outside view regardless of the weather.


Criminals can break into your property from large-sized windows. Nonetheless, awning windows maximize security due to their design and limited size. So, you can rest assured you’re safe while providing your home lighting and ventilation.

How do manufacturers design the awning windows?

The manufacturing process of different windows varies; the same stands true for the awning windows. To begin with, the manufacturers set the window dimension. This is important when replacing the windows because an improper size won’t fit into your walls.

After getting the dimensions right, the workers cut the glass to clean it with a high-pressure cleaner thoroughly. Extra caution is shown during this process because high-pressure cleaning can crack the glass.

Next, the glass panes are adjusted to make double or triple-glazed windows. They are then mounted on a frame.

Window frames come in different shapes and sizes, and you can pick one considering your needs.

On a side note, experts recommend choosing a vinyl window frame because it combines affordability with low maintenance.

Can you purchase ready-made awning windows?

You can either place an order for your new awning windows or purchase them directly from the market. The latter can be an option if you install them for the first time. If, however, you’re looking for a replacement, you’d need to inform the manufacturer about the right size.